Student Spotlight: Jimmy C.

Jimmy is more than a student, he is one of my main training partners, a close friend and a big reason for my continuing development as a practitioner of jiu jitsu. One of the reasons I love to train with Jimmy is that he he keeps me on my toes by going for lots of heel hooks and leg locks. Jimmy has been training for a long time and has taught me so much!

Along with being a very talented purple belt in jiu jitsu, Jimmy is also a detective with the Hartford Police Department, which is why I chose a photo where you can’t see his face. If you want a better look at Jimmy, you’re going to have to come down and train with him. I have been lucky enough to accompany Jimmy to the Hartford Police Academy to help train other detectives and officers and I can’t wait to go back again. Having Jimmy on the mat is just one more excellent reason why you should come down to Gracie Farmington Valley and train!

Sonny ParlinStudent Spotlight: Jimmy C.

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