David Beck

Dave has spent his life trying to find things he can’t accomplish and thus far he hasn’t been all that successful.  His background includes over 15 years of wrestling experience, being on the same MMA card as both Jeremy Horn, Mike Brown, Kip Kollar, and Dan Simler  waaay back in 2000 or so (and having the only knock out of the night utilizing only palm strikes…yes it was that long ago), teaching kids age 4-8 the finer point of sport Karate and kickboxing while still making it fun and engaging, training boxing with one of the best boxing coaches CT has ever seen (Pepe from the San Juan boxing center), completing the Tough Mudder (a crazy 10 mile obstacle course made for the clinically insane), and by the way did I mention that Dave is a type I diabetic????   While most people may just shrivel up and feel sorry for themselves Dave strives every day to be better than what he was the day before.  That’s the same type of attitude that you can expect when you train with Dave.

Dave is one of the main reasons I got into this sport.  In fact, I started my training in BJJ and MMA just a few short weeks after seeing that crazy knockout I mentioned above.  He knocked the poor guy through the ropes and sent a filling straight out of his mouth in the process.  I just didn’t want to have a best friend who could kick the bejesus out of me at will.   Dave cares more about his students than virtually anyone I have ever met and this is why I had to beg him to come and help us so we could provide you with the very best in wrestling and boxing training here at Gracie Farmington Valley.


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